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Selected Illustrative Stories - Most Authors Unknown

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If you know the author of any of these, many of which are "Author Unknown," or any additional information about them, such as dates written, where first published, etc. --- or if one of them is inadvertently posted which is still in copyright, please let us know. DISCLAIMER --- We assume no liability for the absolute accuracy of any "facts," "statistics," stories or anecdotes we cite in this Index or any other materials on our site --- some are just illustrations, allegories, or parables. So if you plan to use any of them as a "proof argument," you should verify, and check for accuracy. Most have been sent to us by friends on the internet. If you know a good story or illustration, send it with as much information as possible about origin. Submissions to "GREAT STORIES PAGES" may be emailed to: Jim Dearmore, Webmaster

 Good Measure!  Pastoral Search Report  Christian One Liners  Story Of Edith Burns
 My Quilt - Jesus Shining  The Old Fisherman  A Vision of The Lost  Bullet Test of Hypocrisy
 "Stranger" Hypocrisy Test  Bullet Stopped By Bible  When Pardon Isn't Pardon  Right Place, Right Time
 Genuine Friendship  Spiritual Vitamins  THE 2 AM PHONE CALL TO "MAMA"!
 Plight of the Silent  The Way Up!  Hymns If We Were Honest  Cannibals & 3 Missionaries
 Ballad of Unborn  Christian's Job Description  Parable of the Candles  Notes About the Koran
 Mohammed vs Christ  Mod Sermon on Mount  God and Country  Truths About Islam
 Honor and Patriotism  God's Eternal Ink  Words Worth Remembering  Right Place & Time
 The Hand  Professor Has No Brain  H m m m . . . I Wonder?  A Man and His Pit
 The Footsteps of Death  A Soldier or An Angel?  The Builder  What Really Matters Most
 Annoying Pulpit Mannerisms  The Fence & Bad Temper  Two Choices in Life  What Cards Are In Your File?
 Pithy Paragraphs- Part 1  Funny Isn't It?  Pithy Paragraphs- Part 2  Handling Disappointment!
 Ten Most Wanted Men  A Real Teacher's Impact  True Worshipers!  The Painting
 Information, Please . .  My Fathers Eyes  Paid in Full Gift  ABOUT THE BIBLE
 God's Embroidery  How Proud Frog Fell  The Master & The Novice  The Unmoved Rock
 Rich Family In The Church  Stranded on The Highway  GRATEFUL!  An Easter Story
 Parable of the Fishermen  Things Not Seen  Guess Who?  The Atheist Professor