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Cannibal Tribe and Three Baptist Missionaries
Author Unknown
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It seems that A CANNIBAL TRIBE CAPTURED 3 MISSIONARIES: A Southern Baptist, an Indepenent Baptist, and an American Baptist.

The chief told them the only way they could avoid death was by passing a trial. Not having any other choice, they all agreed.

The chief told them the first part of the trial was to go out and bring back 10 pieces of the same fruit. The Southern Baptist came back with 10 apples. The chief told him he had to swallow all 10 pieces whole without uttering a sound or changing expression. The first apple went down, but the Southern Baptist choked on the second and they killed him.

The Independent Baptist came back with 10 berries. The chief gave him the same orders . . . . 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-, then he "busted out" laughing and they killed him. The Southern Baptist missionary and the Independent Baptist missionary met in heaven.

The Southern Baptist turned to the Independent Baptist and said, "You almost made it, Brother. Why did you laugh?" The Independent Baptist said, "I couldn't help it. I saw the American Baptist coming back with an arm load of pineapples."

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