Some Real Truth About Islam
From One Who Knows
By Tony Pritchard, a Personal Friend
Used By Permission of Author
[ Globe]

Islam hates Christianity, even false Christianity, as they cannot discern the difference between the true and the false.

Many Islamic nations receive untold billions of dollars of aid money, others the direct intervention of our military to rescue them from other Arab (or Islamic) butchers.

They hate us while they sit secure under the protective umbrella of the United States military, or curse us as the great Satan even as they chew the food that we put in their mouths.

Islam is a false religion, a religion of hatred for anyone who wears the name Christian.

I have spent time in several Arab nations, I have witnessed their hatred for Christianity and Christian professing nations with my own eyes. I have seen with my own eyes the men of the military of some Islamic nations trained in the United States, witnessed them live in direct contradiction to the Koran while here, only to return to their godless nations and turn on us with the words of the Koran in their mouth, condemning us for our Christianity.

I was there while they, in their gunboats that we sold them, that we trained them to use, circled us with taunts and threats. These were the very people that I saw, spoke to, and lived in the same building with, and that we helped train.

The Islamic Arab is NOT the friend of the United States and never ever was.

NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: This is just one of many cautionary articles which we are publishing with some words of truth about Islam, its real agenda, and some revealing quotations from the Koran and other Muslim "Holy" writings! More is coming!

The REAL AIM of any devoted follower of Islam and the teachings of the Koran is to conquer the world in the name of "Allah". Their "Holy" book plainly teaches that it is their duty to force conversion as "necessary" to fulfill that Koranic teaching. All the talk about "the people of the Book" being exempted from the "necessity" to be converted, is just a "smokescreen" to lull the Jews and the Christians to sleep while the Moslems attempt to SUBVERT AND CONVERT THE WORLD BY WHATEVER MEANS POSSIBLE, INCLUDING THE SWORD.