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Selected Sayings - Authors Unknown

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Interesting Quotes on Various Themes

"In modern church life we have two extremes: first, how to do it, and second, how not to do it. The proper point between these two extremes is, do it."

"Christ died for us in three hours, but it takes a life time for us to die with Him."

"Testimony we heard from an old man in a rural, mountain church: 'Brethren, there is one thing I hope never happens to me, and that is that they wheel me into heaven in a baby carriage.'"

"We learn from history that nobody learns anything from history."

"Yes, any man can have his say or have his way about anything, anywhere - provided he doesn't want any friends."

"There is nothing big about defending one's littleness." "Be big about little things, and you'll never be little about big things."

"There are those who think they would be willing to die for Jesus who cannot find the time nor inclination to live for Him."

"Folk who can't give at least a tithe under grace should go back to law."

"If we had a church that the world would love, the Lord wouldn't love it."

"One of Satan's most effective pieces of strategy is shock. He shocks us until we are shock-proof. Sin was once shocking, but now it is a joke. Broken homes were once shocking, but now they are on the social program. Adultery was once shocking, but now it is the pastime of society. War was once shocking, but now it is science. Death was once shocking, but now it is statistics. Hell was once shocking, now it is a myth. God was once sovereign, now He is a beggar. At least these are the conclusions of a shock-proof world."

"We don't mind exercising patience with a young colt until he grows up, but we hate to see him kick the barn down while he is doing it."

"It is not courteous now even to suggest that one brand of religion is not as good as another, but just the same there is only one kind that will pass us through the gates of heaven. If people were as careful about eternal securitiy as they are their temporal insurance, there are many companies advertising security who would go out of business."

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