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"Church life centers in the word 'assembly'. Nothing can hinder a church like absence from its services: nothing can help it like being there."

"We are not surprised that preaching has such little affect upon the lost of this day when we consider how little it has upon those who claim to be saved."

"We do not believe in the psychology that never brings out the bad side of things; neither does the Bible. The Bible tells the whole truth; that is why it never deceives anyone."

"It is utterly impossible to get the true import of what someone tells you that another has said about you. Inaccurate words, tone of your voice, viewpoint, and personal motive so cover the report that it cannot be true to the original statement. Withhold judgment until you hear from the speaker."

The time spent by many church members thinking and talking about the kind of pastor they wish theirs would be, could be better spent thinking and talking about the kind of church members he wishes they would be."

"Just because somebody gets the cart before the horse is not a good reason for getting rid of either one. If we put them back in the right order, they may both be useful."

"When God's people begin to emphasize the greatness of their men instead of the greatness of their God, for them the age of decay has begun."

"The majority rules, but according to the Bible, the minority is right. Read and see."

"It's strange that we can find so many 'whosoever won'ts' standing around arguing that 'whosoever will' can be saved."

"Be sure that the church of your choice is not like a lot of other choices you have made - the wrong ones."

"Do you belong to the church, or do you just have your name on the roll?"

"We often hear people say that money is not everything, but it is just about the best thing to pay bills with that we have ever come up with."

"The battleground of Satan is always where God is working most. We should not be surprised that Churches have internal conflicts. Where else would they be? Why should Satan start a fight in his own ranks?

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