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Author Unknown
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The FBI periodically issues a list of the ten most wanted men. These men are criminals and a menace to society. We also have a list of the ten most wanted men for the work of the Lord. Here they are:

    1. The man who puts God's business above all other business.
    2. The man who brings his children to church, rather than sending them.
    3. The man who is willing to be the right example to every boy he meets.
    4. The man who thinks more of his Sunday School class than his Sunday sleep.
    5. The man who measures his giving by what he has left, rather than by the amount he gives.
    6. The man who goes to church for Christ's sake, rather than for himself or for someone else.
    7. The man who has a willing mind, rather than a brilliant mind.
    8. The man who has a passion to help, rather than a passion to be helped.
    9. The man who can see his own faults before he sees the faults of others.