Some Great "Old Timers" -- SPEEDING the Gospel 24/7

Selections From Various Time Periods
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  True Christianity Is A Fight  Prophetical Glory Of The Redeemer  Saints Dying Testimonies
 Church Before Pentecost  Sayings From Old Timers  Wm. Law On Self Worth
 The Great Difference  Matthew Henry on Proverbs 1  Christ Is Everything
 Christ, Believer's All  Fire & Brimstone In Hell  Christ The Substitute
 We Preach Christ  Ministerial Boldness  Picture of Christ's Love
 No Good Thing Will He Withold  Newton Testimony & Epitaph  Christ As A Preacher
 Adam, Type of Christ  Our Desires After Christ?  Vain Securities Of The Wicked
 Longsuffering of God  Newton on King of Kings  Evils of Religious Liberalism
 Newton - Grace Alone  Newton - Amazing Grace  Philpot on Isaiah 26
 Love Of or Love For Truth?  J. C. Philpot On Free Grace  No King, No Saviour
 What think Ye of Christ?  Thomas Watson on Prayer  A Pastor's Fear
 About Saving Faith  Goodness and Love of God  Without Deeds of The Law
 On Humility  Bunyan On Law  Certainty of Certainties
 I Will Never Leave Thee  True Character of Unbelief  Faithful & Just To Forgive
 The Name of God  Earnest Request for Salvation  Self Examination
 Consolation For Afflicted  A Comparison  Sinners In Hands of Angry God
 The Gospel  In Place Of Self  True Happiness
 Rock of Ages (Illuminated)  Matthew Henry-Psalms 39:4  More on Preaching Christ
 Law of Liberty   Difference in Two Mirrors  Law of The Spirit
 Dozen Bible Heroes  Rule of Ancient Saints  Philpot-Professors & Possessors
 Christ Is Believers All  Occupied With Christ  Philpot On Huntington

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