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The Gospel 24/7
By Andrew Fuller
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Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was a leader among the Strict and Particular Baptists of the United Kingdom and a strong supporter of "Preaching the Gospel to every creature," working mightily to lead those Churches to support missions works to the "heathen." Like most of this group, he was strongly Calvinistic in his theology, but NOT anti-missionary, as his contemporary friend, John Gill, appears to have been.

This is the grand theme of the Christian ministry. But many have so little of the Christian minister about them that their sermons have scarcely anything to do with Christ. They are mere moral harangues. And these, forsooth, would fain be thought exclusively the friends of morality and good works! But they know not what good works are, nor do they go to the way to promote them. "This is the work of God, that you believe on him whom he has sent"... Preach Christ, or you had better be anything than a preacher.

The necessity laid on Paul was not barely to preach, but to preach Christ. "Woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel!"... if you preach Christ, you need not fear for want of matter. His Person and work are rich in fulness. Every Divine attribute is seen in him. All the types prefigure him. The prophecies point to him. Every truth bears relation to him. The Law itself must be so explained and enforced as to lead to him.

Be not concerned merely to form the manners of your congregation, but to bring them to Christ. This will best form their manners. The preaching of Christ will answer every end of preaching. This is the doctrine which God owns to conversion, to the leading of awakened sinners to peace, and to the comfort of true Christians. If the doctrine of the cross be of no comfort to us, it is a sign we have no right to comfort. This doctrine is calculated to quicken the indolent, to draw forth every Christian grace, and to recover the backslider. This is the universal remedy for all the moral diseases of mankind.

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