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By Matthew Henry


Matthew Henry on Psalms 39:4 --- "We see not in this life the end of human actions. Their influence never dies. In ever widening circles it reaches beyond the grave.

The ball once in motion, rolls on and on, down the steps of eternity forever. The train is laid in time - the explosion is in eternity.

We talk much of the solemnity of dying. With hushed voice, and almost pulseless heart, we gaze upon the pallid cheek, the quivering lip, and heaving bosom of a dying friend. It is, indeed, a solemn scene - but let us think more of the solemnity of living.

Death removes us to an eternal state. In this world, every morning as we go forth to act, we lay the molding hand on our destiny; and every evening, when we have done, we have left a deathless impress on our character.

We touch not a chord but vibrates in eternity - not a voice but reports at the throne of God."

Our characters, if good, will follow us like friendly angels through our lives, shed light on our graves, and illuminate our immortality.

If bad, they must accompany us through life, haunt us in death, and torment us in eternity. Let youth especially think of these things, and regulate their conduct accordingly.

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