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Free Use in Ministry: by Norman Wells, B. F. Dearmore, C. H. Spurgeon, Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Bunyan, J. M. Martin, John Foxe,
Ron Tottingham, J. C. Philpot, William M. Taylor, Samuel Bagster, C. H. V. Bogatzky, Saints' Testimonies, Charles M. Sheldon!
 Charles M. Sheldon's "John King's Question Class"
 Charles M. Sheldon: "In His Steps"  Charles M. Sheldon: "Robert Hardy's 7 Days"
 William M. Taylor, "Jesus At The Well"
Travelogue and Bible Exposition
 "The Celestial Railroad" - An Allegory
By Nathaniel Hawthorne
 J. M. Martin's Classic: "The Little Baptist"
Especially For Young People, with Notes
   "Children's Life of Christ" - From Antique
Book, Edited by James Dearmore
 Go To Our Collection Of John Bunyan's Complete Works
  "Bible Stories in Simple English" - From Antique
Book, Edited by James Dearmore
  "Bethlehem And Her Children" - Author Unknown,
With Preface by James Dearmore
  Charles H. Spurgeon's Daily "Morning and Evening Devotions"
  "C. H. V. Bogatzky's Devotions"  "J. C. Philpot's Devotions"
 John Foxe's "Book of Christian Martyrs"  Spurgeon "Faith's Check Book" Devotions
 N. Wells' "Buried With Him In Baptism"  N. Wells' "The Lord's Supper"
 Tottingham's "That Love Which Is of God"  N. Wells' "Beyond the Shadow of Doubt"
 N. Wells' "The Religion Racket"  B. F. Dearmore's "The Church"
 "Believer's Treasure - Lincoln's Devotions"  Samuel Bagster's "Daily Light" Devotions
 Spurgeon's "Ploughman's Talks"  "Reflected Light!" -Near Death Testimonies!
Norman Wells' "Cotton Candy Religion" - - - - David Wells' "Soul Winning or Salesmanship?"

We plan to expand this section of our web, so keep checking for more Free To Read E-books.

We also already have some of the other writings, Sermons, Articles, books, etc., of the late Dr. Norman Wells which will be posted on our site as soon as we can find time to do so. (As noted elsewhere on our webs, we have been given "exclusive publishing or publication rights" to all of the writings, audio tapes, published or unpublished, of this grand old independent Baptist Pastor.) Some of the material is even still in the form of his own handwritten manuscripts, and it is surprising (to any who did not know him well) how much of his writing is STILL today highly topical for real, Bible believing independent Baptists. His writings will be of great value to any sound Baptist seeking the truths of God's Word.

Brother David Wells, the surviving competent authority and owner of these works of Norman Wells, is eager for his father's works to be published as widely as possible, and for that reason has given us the exclusive publishing rights as mentioned above. If you get a blessing from the materials on this index or on any of Norman Wells works, write us!

If you have comments about any of Bro. Norman Wells works, you may send them through the Webmaster: E-Mail James Dearmore, Webmaster, or send directly to David Wells, as you may wish! All comments other than those about Norman Wells' books, directly to Webmaster, please!

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