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No Big Revival In Last Days

Some say that before the latter days the whole world shall become Christian. This is a falsehood forged by Satan. (Luther, Com. John 10:11-16)

Haldeman on War and End times

One startling thing about it all [i.e. the world in arms] is, that this state of affairs comes in after two thousand years of gospel preaching, two thousand years of human progress, and in a century of, so called, highest civilization and culture the world has ever known. -- (I.M. Haldeman, Signs Of The Times)

Nathaniel West on Millennium

It is a very common opinion, widely spread throughout Christendom, and in most cases believed to be true, that ‘the thousand years’ of which John speaks in the Apocalypse, Rev.20:1-7, are mentioned nowhere else in the sacred Scriptures.

(They say) The doctrine of a millennial kingdom on earth, introduced by the advent of Christ in His glory, is a Jewish fable without support from the word of God. A deeper study of the sacred volume dissipates this false prejudice and reveals the fact that, not only are ‘the thousand years’ of which John speaks found everywhere in BOTH Testaments, but that next to the eternal state, the millennial blessedness of God’s people on earth, and of the nations, is the one high point in all prophecy, from Moses to John, the bright, broad tableland of all eschatology. (Nathaniel West, 1826-1906, The Thousand Years In Both Testaments).

Billy Sunday on Downfall of Dynasties

What paved the way for the downfall of the mightiest dynasties - proud and haughty Greece and imperial Rome? The downfall of their womanhood. The virtue of womanhood is the rampant wall of American civilization. Break that down and with the stones thereof you can pave your way to the hottest hell, and reeking vice and corruption. (Billy Sunday, The Man And His Message)

A Mother and Her Son

Oh! there is an enduring tenderness in the love of a mother to her son that transcends all other affections of the heart. It is neither to be chilled by selfishness, nor daunted by danger, nor weakened by worthlessness, nor stifled by ingratitude...

She will glory in his fame and exult in his prosperity; and if misfortune overtake him, he will be dearer to her from misfortune; and if disgrace settle upon his name, she will still love and cherish him in spite of his disgrace...Alas! how little do we appreciate a mother’s tenderness while living.

How heedless are we in youth of all her anxieties and kindness? But when she is dead and gone, when the cares and coldness of the world come withering to our hearts, when we experience how hard it is to find true sympathy, how few to love us for ourselves, how few will befriend us in misfortune, then it is that we think of the mother we have lost. (The Royal Path Of Life, 1882)

Spurgeon on Maternal Instinct

Maternal instinct makes the weakest strong, and the most timid brave. Even among poor beasts and birds, how powerful is a mother’s love. Why, the poor little robin which would be frightened at the approach of a footstep, will sit upn its nest when the intruder comes near when her little ones are in danger. A mother’s love makes her heroic for her child; and so when you are pleading with God, plead as a mother’s love suggests to you... (Spurgeon, Sermon’s, Vol.10)

Billy Sunday on Mother and Children

Fathers often give up. The old man often goes boozing, becomes dissipated, takes a dose of poison and commits suicide; but the mother will stand by the home and keep the little band together if she has to manicure her fingers nails over a washboard to do it...Look at her work!...If you want to find greatness don’t go to the throne, go to the cradle; and the nearer you get to the cradle the nearer you get to greatness.

Now, when Jesus wanted to give his disciples an impressive object lesson he called in a college professor, did he? Not much. He brought in a little child and said: ‘Except ye becomes as one of these, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of God.’

The work is so important that God will not trust anybody with it but a mother...When God sends us great men he wants to have them get the right kind of start. So he sees to it that they have a good mother. Most any old stick will do for a daddy. God is particular about mothers. And so the great need of this country, or any other country, is good mothers...(Billy Sunday Speaks)

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