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JACOB -- Isaac's son, who wrestled with God (and "won"), then helped found the nation of Israel.

JOSEPH -- Jacob's son, who became ruler of Egypt and saved Israel and Egypt from famine; he had the famous "coat of many colors." He is a good type of Christ the Redeemer.

MOSES -- The great leader of the Israelites, who freed them from slavery in Egypt, with many miracles performed by God for their liberation. Moses took them on to the Promised Land boundaries, where Joshua became their leader.

RAHAB -- A Canaanite woman, (who was a harlot), who helped the Israelites by hiding two of their spies in her house. She and all of her house were protected from destruction when the Israelites took the country. Then later, in the inspiration of the New Testament, she was greatly honored by God in being listed in the genealogy of Jesus, the Christ.

JOSHUA -- The Israelite leader who conquered the Canaanites with God's blessings and accompanied by many notable miracles, including the bringing down of the walls of Jericho, the Canaanite stronghold which was the first great test of the Israelites in the land of promise.

DEBORAH -- A great judge, leader, and prophetess who rallied the Israelites against the Canaanites, to overcome their enemies in a period of discouragement and defeat.

SAMSON -- The mighty Israelite leader whose strength, which was in his hair, helped him slay thousands of Philistines, the arch enemies of the Israelites during that historical period.

DAVID -- Israel's great king, who slew the Philistine giant Goliath with only a slingshot while just a young lad, then later, after a period of fleeing from Saul, their first King, became their great King and led them to many victories in maintaining and expanding the Kingdom.

ESTHER -- The Jewish queen who risked her own life to beg her Persian husband, King Xerxes, to spare the lives of her people. She succeeded in her plea and saved the Jews from destruction at the hands of the evil Haman, who plotted the killing of all the Jews in the Empire.

DANIEL -- A captive Jew in Babylon who braved the den of lions rather than stop worshipping and praying to his one true God, and was miraculously delivered from the lions.

JOHN THE BAPTIST -- The cousin of Jesus, who preached and prepared the way for Jesus, but was beheaded for speaking against the sin of King Herod.

STEPHEN -- An early Christian preacher and miracle worker who was stoned for his beliefs and his preaching while Saul (later called Paul) stood by and watched his martyrdom.

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