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The Gospel 24/7
By William S. Plumer
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Christ is our life; severed from Him we are withered branches. It is only when Christ is clearly seen and cordially embraced that our peace is like a river, and our righteousness as the waves of the sea.

The entire Christian race is run by pressing towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. All the acts of faith are the fruit of the Spirit; the object of them all is the person of the Lord Jesus Christ; the warrant of them all is the promise of God, the offer of the gospel: and while they utterly renounce self, they bring Christ into the soul, the hope of glory...

Hold fast your profession of His Name.Stick to Him, stand up for Him, live unto Him, look to Him, be ready to die for Him, let your desires centre in Him, let your motives to holy living be drawn from Him, let your sorrows be sanctified by Him, let your joys be heightened, chastened, sweetened by Him. Keep to Him alone none else can do us good. Devotion to Christ cannot be excessive. Many love, and serve, and trust, and praise Him too little; but whoever loved, or served, or trusted, or praised Him too much?

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