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The Gospel 24/7
By Thomas Bradbury
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Nowhere do we see the love of Christ to His church set forth so fully as in the case of Adam's love to Eve. He was the figure of the Coming One - The Last Adam... Adam was in no wise deceived, neither by the devil, nor by his wife. He knew what he was doing and sinned with his eyes wide open. He saw her in the depths of her guilt and shame, and out of pure love to her, before he would be parted from her he would be damned with her. He cleaved to his wife for they were one flesh, and into ruin he plunged himself for her sake.

In all this he was the figure of Him that was to come, yet very much unlike Him. Adam loved the creature more than the Creator. Christ loved the Father with the same love that He bore to His bride the church. He is ever the Unchangeable in saying with the affectionate servant, " I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free." " Whom once He loves He never leaves, but loves them to the end." Loving reponsibility hangs upon Him with the perfection of gracefulness. Shifted responsibility from the loved wife to the Loving Husband is her salvation.

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