These pages for the "Seniors Web" are the present version of efforts to get more articles, sermons, clean humor, Devotions, puzzles, and E-books aimed at Senior Citizens. Lots of GREAT material is now available on other parts of our Look around, you'll find plenty to like for people in the so-called "Golden Years." I trust it will be a blessing to Seniors, and all involved in Senior Ministry. You are welcome to use these pages in your ministry, on screen or by printing non-commercial copies, provided you give "credit" and a link back to us. Permission To Copy or Link to Gospel Web Tell your friends about GW. Jim Dearmore, Missionary-84 yrs Young, Still Working 50+ hrs Most Weeks on Gospel Web!

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Seniors' Web For "Senior Citizens" From 40 To 100+
 New - Free Text Of "The Little
Baptist", by J. M. Martin, w/Notes
 New - About Theological Dinosaurs
From Canberra, Australia
Story of The Dying Saint and The "Empty" Chair
A.A.A.D.D. Disorder
Various Gospel Sermons
Memories of Mamaw & Papaw
"Bible Books Puzzle"
Click Here For Another Old Timer's Index For Senior Saints
Books Puzzle Answer Page
Thoughts of Home . . . Alaska
Spurgeon Daily Devotions
Daily Devotions - Bagster
Touching Stories & Illustrations
Abraham Lincoln Stories
Bethlehem and Her Children - Bible Stories For All Ages
The Price of Free Corn
Text of Foxe's Martyrs
Great Sermons/Articles from Past
Modern Christian Martyrs
Testimonies of Old Saints
How Proud Frog Fell to Destruction
Patriotic Sermon Summary
African Missions Stories
"Divorce At Christmas" - Visiting Parents At Own Expense
Missionary Humor in Paris
Modern Testimonies & Tributes
Books of Norman Wells
Salvation Articles, Tracts
Mod Version of Ant & Grasshopper
Sermons-Our Final Journey
Sermon by Errol Fowler
Beautiful Christmas Stories
For Parents And Youths

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Sermons From Africa by Jim

The Glorious Lover - Christ

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