Selected Photos, Most From
African Mission Work

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 My Darling Georgia! Now With The Lord  Rhodesia- My Darling Georgia, With Her Uzi
 Jim Preaching at Bahwaduba School  Jim and Georgia Wedding - Fort Worth, Texas
 Stephen, One of Our Rhodesian Martyrs  Jim Getting Blood After Terror Ambush - Rhodesia
 Jim & Georgia - In Bayaka Tribal Style!  River Landing Scene - Near Congo Mission
 Congolese Women on Path Near Mission  Congo Church Group - Mongo wa Nkenda
 Jim and Thomas Adams, English Puritan  Baptism Under Guard With Uzi - Rhodesia
 Preaching in Bophuthatswana Schools  Our Family - Early Days, at Congo Mission
 Jim Dearmore, Few Days After Ambush!  Partial View of Our Library at Home - Garland
 Jim, "Workin' On the Web" - Garland  Small Child and "Missione" in Congo at Mission
 Jim In Hospital After Terrorist Ambush  Tribal Idols In Bophuthatswana - Carved Wood
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