Stephen was one of our helpers in Rhodesia.
Martyred in 1978 by Communist Terrorists.
Stephen Bangwayo Zemudzo

One Of Our Rhodesian Martyrs

"Greater love hath no man than this . . that he lay down his life for his friends!"

Stephen Bangwayo Zemudzo, an old Shangaan warrior, our faithful helper in Rhodesia, "circulated" around the area where we lived, with dogs and a shotgun, sometimes shooting a wild pig for meat for himself and some of our other workers there. But his main job was to watch for signs of terrorists in our area, and to warn us when he saw their tracks, or signs of their presence or passage. He was a Christian and a fine man, and our "right hand." He was butchered by Communist Terrorists in Rhodesia on November 28, 1978. I expect to see him one day on the Golden Street, WEARING THE MARTYRS' CROWN!

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