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DISCLAIMER -- We assume no liability for absolute accuracy of any "facts," "statistics," "stories" or "anecdotes" we cite on our webs -- many are illustrations, allegories, or parables. If you plan to use as a "proof argument," verify if it is a true story or just a good illustration that might be true. Submissions may be emailed to: Jim Dearmore, Webmaster

 What Goes Around, Comes Around  Holy Bible vs Cell Phone  Imperfect Things!
 Why Did Jesus Fold The Napkin?  The Burned Biscuits!  The Pickle Jar
 Church Is What You Make It  A Dreamer and His Dreams  The Present!
 Determination Built Brooklyn Bridge  Unconditional Love Was Needed!!  Cocoon And The Butterfly
 It Depends Whose Hands It's In  Changing Your Religion!  Daily Rules From God
 Live Today, Tomorrow Not Promised  What An Awesome God!  Help Wanted
 Good Lesson From The Golf Course  The Joy Of The Lord  Let Me Know The Time
 Jesus Said, "Come Unto Me"  Always Another Chance  God and Forgiveness
 GRATEFUL!  Parable of the Fishermen  An Easter Story
 Things Not Seen  Guess Who?  The Atheist Professor
 God's Eternal Ink  Words Worth Remembering  Right Place & Time
 God and Country  Truths About Islam  Honor and Patriotism

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