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We have the text for about 200 or more illustrations suitable for our TOPICAL ILLUSTRATIONS SECTION. Each one of the titles is coded for reading as a separate page, with a topic, sometimes 2 or more topics, plainly shown, followed by the title of the story or illustration. For the present, you must look at the various pages, look at the Topics Line at top of the story text, and thus select the topical illustration which best fits your sermon or lesson. However, when we get up to 150 or 200 Topical Illustrations coded and listed, we will then make up several separate Indexes, each Index aiming at specific Topics. I hope these will be a blessing to many of our preacher and missionary friends. Use them in your sermons and Bible lessons, and please tell your friends about our work. If you have a favorite story or illustration which is NOT copyrighted, send it to us for use here! Submissions may be Emailed to: James Dearmore, Webmaster

 He Came To Himself  The Need Of Christ  Wonderful Protection
 Sounding The Trumpet  Signing With His Knee  The Power Of Kindness
 A Bullet Of Bread  The Bannerless Building  A Kind Word
 Had A Mighty Poor Meeting  The Old Elevator Man  Tale Of Backslidden Tender
 The Small Canine (Noisy)!  Missing The Street Car  Worrying!
 Saved Through Katy-Dids!  Knocked Into The Kingdom  NEVER AGAIN!
 Power Of The Word Of God!  Tale Of The Tailless Fox  Where's Them Boys?
 God's Word, The Spirits Sword!  I Saw Your Little Bird  The Cat Bird and Religion
 Failure versus Affliction!  Man Who Suffered Stroke  Famous But Afflicted Astronaut
 Tuberculosis Of Spine Affliction  Workers Misjudged  Afflicted Baby Draws Nurses!
 Call Of The Pine Tree!  Stand Up For Jesus  They Say!
 The Yellow Jackets  Bunsby In The Pulpit  The Sky-scrapers!
 A Grandfather's Blessing!  A Coffee Revival  The Sky Piercer!
 A Police Court Scene!  The Power Of Song!  Home Talent
 Shouting By Proxy!  A Silent Town  Great Worth
 The Bible And The Affected!  Bearing Others Burdens  Let Him Have It
 Bible Reading Is Not Enough!  Shifting The Blame  Where Art Thou?
 The Discarded Music Box!  Angelic Face, Happy Christian  Anxiety Is Hurtful
 Tenting By A Graveyard!  Unconcealable Joy  Power With God
 A Strong Hint To The Preacher!  The Lonely Young Men  Elisha and Borrowing Vessels
 Red Check, Our Journey To Heaven  Lesson From Visit Of A Frog!  The Really Safe Armor!
 The Great Secret Of Bible Study!  No More Prayer For Him!  The Prolonged Whistle!
 Could I Do Business?  A Cry On The Rack!  IMPATIENCE!
 Pleasure In Selfish Prayer  Unanswerable Argument  Secret Sins!
 Don't Be Too Confidential!  The Precious Blood!  The Dead Engineer!
 Heathen Idea Of A Ball With Dancing  The Ice Yacht! Speed!  The Man Who Hated God!
 Joint Heirs With Christ = Joint-tenancy  Won By His Child!  Children ARE Old Enough!
 Comparison of Two Death Bed Scenes  Death of Saved And Unsaved  The Ministers Fault!
 How Moody Came To Give Up Business!  Some Other Way?  He Died For Him!
 Blind Fannie Crosby, Great Songwriter  Pointed Illustration Of Apostasy  The Aching Tooth ! !
 Defended By God's Own Revolver!  Safety For The Silly Sheep!  Holding On To A Straw!!
 Abiding In Christ For Fruit Bearing  Wanted To Be Near His Father  The Round And Flat Systems!
 Lift Your Thumb, Preparation To Die  Ostrich And False Appearances  Fretting, Its Adverse Effects
 Going Some Place, Going No Place?  Warning On Spiritual Vagrancy  Aim Taking ! !
 Piling Up Tomorrows Is Empty  Top 10 Facts For Any New Year  How To Ask Girl To Marry You
 Having A Positive Mental Attitude  Grateful: Poor Woman, 2 Children  The Vision Of Faith!
 No Worry - My Father 'Driving' Train  Sending His Prayers In A Wagon  His Lamp Went Out!
 Passion Of Alexander The Great  Christian Life Is One Of Struggle  God Takes The Blame
 Bruised One From Satan's Abuse  Acknowledgment Of The Son  Meaning Of The Vacant Chair
 Children Leading Parents To Christ  False Profession With Bitterness  To Remember Me By
 Master Warns On Spiritual Vagrancy  Last Moments Of Beethoven  MISUNDERSTOOD!
 Man Says Affliction Opened His Eyes  Found All Her Answers In Bible!  Anything But That ! !
 Helen Keller Overcame Handicaps  Seeing World With 20/20 Vision  Another Afflicted Child Story
 Why Don't We See Things The Same?  Abiding In Christ, Bearing Fruit!!  The Absent Singer
 Borden's Abandonment To Christ  Affliction Opened His Eyes  The Needle And The Thread

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