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Letter To President George Bush
Sent By James Dearmore - Jan. 8, 2004

Copy of Letter To The President - On Illegal Aliens
by James Dearmore

To: President George W. Bush
From: Dr. James H. Dearmore
Subject: Opinion on Legal/Judicial Amnesty - Mexico/Canada

Dear President Bush:

I am a Republican. I am a Texan. I am a patriotic American, and a compassionate conservative. I vote, and my family and friends vote, always, without exception.

I am absolutely opposed to your plan or any other plan to "legalize" ILLEGAL ALIENS, for whatever reasons and from what ever sources they may come.

Instead of amnesty, a massive, concerted and consistent effort should be made to control our borders, by whatever means necessary, including any level of military or national guard force as needed.

Our cultural cohesion and stability as a nation is already endangered by the many years of tolerance of these alien invasions (by millions of illegal aliens) of our land. Our medical and social systems are collapsing in many areas because of the overload caused by these invaders.

Yes, most are NOT terrorists, but no doubt THOUSANDS ARE either terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

It is ALWAYS bad to reward lawbreakers. Every time this has been done ("for one time only") it increased the flood of people who ILLEGALLY cross our borders and/or remain here ILLEGALLY AND PERMANENTLY after crossing on a short term visa.

The whole idea is very bad for national security. And I must commend you for your close attention to date to the matter of national or homeland security, and for the efforts you and your administration have made to improve security.

I commend you also on your on-going efforts in the War on Terror on a worldwide, pre-emptive basis. I urge you to keep up the good work on that front, and on the Homeland security front as well. I urge you to do whatever is needed for the safety and progress of the United States, without regard to those who oppose us through the UN and by other means. The UN is about as useful as an extra teat on a boar hog. In fact the UN is worse than that -- It generally attempts to thwart any moves, especially by the US, which would enhance national sovereignty and real freedom in the world or in the United States.

Please DO NOT SABOTAGE your security efforts (on which you have done very well thus far) in the hopes of getting a few more Latino votes in the coming election. I believe you will lose a lot more votes from your conservative base than you will gain from this proposal.

As you may know, even many of the legal immigrants who are now in our country are strongly opposed to these "amnesties" or "fast-tracking" of illegals, by whatever name or in whatever way it may be proposed.

Your proposal for "amnesty" (though you don't call it that) will lead to hundreds of thousands more ILLEGAL VOTES being cast in future elections, and most of them will be cast against you or your Republican colleagues and in favor of the Democrat Ultra Liberals who are already near to destroying our nation as a Christian country, with real individual liberty and justice for all.

I pray for you daily, and for our troops and defenders. I pray that God will protect and guide you, and that you can be re-elected. I pray that you can successfully appoint and get many appeals judges and Supreme Court judges confirmed who will simply support the U. S. Constitution, instead of re-writing and destroying it as many judges do now.

In additon to your anti-terror successes, (which will be long remembered as you continue to deal with that problem) I believe your greatest contribution to the future well being of our country can be in the appointment and confirmation of strict-constructionist judges at all levels. In order to do this, you must be re-elected, of course, along with several additional Republican conservative Senators as well.

Again, may God bless and guide you at this critical point in the history of our beloved United States of America, and of the world.

James H. Dearmore, Webmaster

Garland, Texas 75040-3320
January 8, 2004

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