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Christian Obligation To Vote
And Other Important Details



Article by Missionary Kris Minefee

No one asks "Should Christians vote?" anymore. We realize that it is not only our duty but it is crucial to the survival of everything we believe in.

Many however do ask, "How should a Christian vote?" The answer is not hard if you understand the priorities that every Christian should have in a national vote.

Those priorities are:

  • God
  • Family
  • Church
  • Country
  • Job or Economy

However, this is not how most Christians vote. Their priorities are no different from the world's:

  • Job
  • Economy
  • Family
  • Church
  • God

Correct priorities come from a correct understanding of who God is. That is an understanding that God holds all the other priorities under His control. Since this is the case then we should seek to vote as God leads us in His word, according to principles of morality, righteousness and faith.

With this foundation in place it is easy to vote correctly. Your choices are made not upon popularity but upon what the candidate and especially his party stands for. In the case of American politics in the last 30 years only one party and it's candidates have stood against abortion and homosexuality while standing for the true family.

I know candidates are only human and even worse they are politicians, and therefore compromisers, but what they say before they are elected leads us to expect what they will do after they are elected.

Simply put vote a straight ticket, vote a moral ticket.

It's not complicated and it's the way real Christians who expect to stand before God one day should vote.

Can you imagine standing before God and trying to defend your vote for a party or candidate which condoned the murder of unborn children and the annihilation of the family as we know it.

The only thing more shameful would be not voting at all and letting the ungodly rule by your default.

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