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Truth About Guns and Suicide
From New England Journal of Medicine
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The New England Journal of Medicine has another "study" from rabidly anti-gun Dr. Garen Wintemute of the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California (Davis). Now he has found that gun buyers, especially women, are more likely to kill themselves than are people in the general population, and especially during the first week after the purchase.

Dr. Paul Blackman of NRA-ILA, who is about as subtle as a meat cleaver, told the Los Angeles Times: "It's not clear that any conclusions can be drawn beyond the fact (California's) 15-day waiting period [for buying a gun] didn't stop suicides. ... It undermines the anti-gun argument that suicide is a spur-of-the moment thing that requires a waiting period," Blackman said.

Well said, Paul.

I couldn't have resisted asking the Times, which wants to emulate Japan by prohibiting private handguns, if it also wants to emulate Japan's suicide rate -- which is double that of the United States, none of over 32,000 last year were with guns. ----- From Tony Pritchard

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