Previously Pastored At Birdwell Lane and Other Churches
Tribute To An Old Friend
Gone To His Reward In Glory
By James H. Dearmore, Missionary

Our Dear Friend Bro. Lewis McGarity
Dwells On The Golden Street

Our good friend and fellow servant of the Great King, Pastor Lewis McGarity, of the Birdwell Lane Baptist Church in Big Spring, Texas entered into the presence of the Lord he served so faithfully at about 3:20 pm, today, August 4th, 1997.

He had been in Baylor Dallas, had recently survived and was recovering from heart bypass surgery, and was awaiting a liver transplant at the time God took him home.

We had just visited him a few days ago in hospital. He was a faithful servant of the Lord and a good Pastor to his flock. He will be sorely missed by all of us who knew him. He was our good friend and he loved and served His Lord. I am sure he received a joyous welcome into the prsence of our Coming King!

The funeral was held in the Birdwell Lane Baptist Church of Big Spring, Texas, Friday August 8, 1997, and the interment was at Leagueville Cemetery, Murchison, Texas the following day. The message was brought by Bro. Jess Colegrove, Eulogy by Bro. Al Locke, and personal comments by Bro. Leland Lanier and Lester Hutson.

We were able to be among the capacity crowd at the Big Spring service. Many other Pastors and friends were there to honor the memory of this faithful pastor and friend. He was faithful unto death, and only eternity will reveal the full results of his time on earth, but much good fruit from his labors can be seen even now in his family, and in the Churches he has pastored through the years.

The graveside service at Murchison was conducted by Bro. Jerry Locke.

Please pray much for the Church at Big Spring, Texas, as they continue to carry on the Lord's work there.