The Twenty Sixth of June

THERE ARE DIVERSITIES --- 1 Corinthians 12:6

"There are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all." --- 1 Corinthians 12:6.

Some believers are remarkable for the strength in their faith in trials; others for livliness and activity in duty; others for wisdom, conduct and prudence, in temporals and spirituals; others for teir zeal in defence of the truth; others for knowledge in the mysteries of truth; others for meekness and patience; others for outward usefulness; and some for an inward and spiritual life of communion with God.

But all these are various gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit; dividing severally to every man as he will, and are given to profit withal, according to his place in the church or in the world. My fellow Christians, let us hence learn a lesson of forbearance to our brethren. I is not right to judge another by thine own pattern.

Art thou a warm and active Christian? Condemn not him whose endowments may be more placid and contemplative than thine. He who now creeps as a snail in humble silence, may, by one of Divine power, be raised higher than thou art. The same may be said of other differences among the followers of jesus; let us then no longer envey on another, or indulge a rash and censorious spirit; but rather covet eearnestly the best gifts of meekness and love, and, by the help of Divine grace, faithfully improve the talent comitted to our trust, that each of us may receive that heart-reviving word, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."

There is a voice of sov'reign grace
Sounds from the sacred word;
Ho! ye despairing sinners, come,
And trust upon the Lord.

My soul obeys th' Almighty call,
And runs to this relief;
I would believe thy promise, Lord,
Oh help my unbelief.

Stretch out thine arm, victorious King,
My reigning sins subdue;
Drive the old dragon from his seat,
And form my soul anew.

A guilty, weak, and helpless worm,
On thy kind arms I fall;
Be thou my strength and righteousness,
My Jesus and my all.