The Twenty Fourth of June

HE IS A NEW CREATURE --- 2 Corinthains 5:17

"If any man be in Christ, he is new creature." --- 2 Corinthains 5:17.

Let no man be discouraged from coming to Christ, because he finds not in himself that godly sorrow for sin, that ability to repent, that disposition of heart, which he desires to have: we must first be in Christ before we are new creatures.

This is a common fault among us; we fain would have something before we come; we think God's pardons are not free, but we must bring something in our hand; whereas the proclamation runs thus: "Buy without money;" that is, come without any excellency at all, because we are commanded to "come, and take the water of life freely."

Therefore do not say, I have a fretful disposition, and a hard heart, and cannot mourn for sin as I should, therefore, I will stay till that be done. It is all one as if you should say, I must go to the physician, but will have my wounds well, and my disease healed first. The end of going to Christ is, that this very hardness of heart may be taken away; that this very deadness of thy spirit may be removed; that thou mayest hate sin, for he is thy Physician.

Look not for sanctification, nor for genuine fruits of righteousness, till thy soul is united unto Chrsit by a living faith; for it is a faith that purifies the heart, and works (that is, produces good works) by love. Thou must first be in Christ, grafted into Christ by faith, before thou canst be a new creature.

Lord, graft me in thyself, the Vine,
And feed me from thy root;
So shall I in thine image shine
And bear much heavenly fruit.