The Third of June.

THEY SHALL GIVE ACCOUNT --- Matthew 12:36.

"I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment." --- Matthew 12:36.

See also Ephesians 4:29; and 5:4. Here all corrupt communications, jesting, foolish talking, or whatever is not convenient and good to the use of edifying, is plainly forbidden. But who truly believes the report and the truth of these awful words?

Surely the world does not believe them at all; this is quite plain, from the very common and shocking practice of judging, lying, swearing, jesting, and talking all manner of filthiness: yea, even religious people very often do not believe and consider them enough. How many heedless, slanderous, idle, and unprofitable words are sometimes spoken by these!

Be therefore careful, O my reader, to weigh every word, and to make light of none; for such will increase thine account. Whenever ye are going to speak, let the question be first, Is it needful to speak? does it tend to the glory of God? will it profit me or others? O Lord, grant that never an idle word may drop from my lips! Whenever I am to converse with others, give me grace first to converse with thee by secret prayer.

In all companies let thy presence be before mine eyes, always looking upon thee as the chief Person in the place, and receiving direction when and what I am to speak. May thy good Spirit always teach me, and sanctify all my thoughts and words!

And must I give a strict account
O ev'ry idle word?
Then set a watch upon my lips,
And guard my tongue, O Lord.