The Eighteenth of February


"The Lord preserveth the simple. I was brought low, and he helped me." --- Psalm 116:6.

He who walks in godly simplicity and humility, accounting his own infirmities always the greatest, will best be preserved from being puffed up and sifted by the enemy of souls; and truly, nothing should humble us more than justification by free grace.

The more we consider and carefully cherish that, the more this simple, child-like, quiet temper will increase; for there is nothing in ourselves which can be depended upon, but all must be freely received from Christ, this, at the same time cutting off all vain boasting, brings us low, settles ou peace in Christ, who is our all, and is sure enough to be rested upon.

It is only from thee, O my dear Saviour, I can learn true simplicity; teach me, therefore, to turn thine eyes, not upon others, but upon thyself. humble me to the uttermost, and fashion me after thine own mind, that I may be careful to avoid everything that is contrary to love.

Keep me, O my light, from all self-dependence and self-conceit, bridle my carnal reason, and pull down all vain imaginations. Grant that my eye may be fixed only upon one thing needful which lasts eternally; and that in all my words, deeds, and gestures, I may always resemble the simplicity, innocence, fidelity, and love of a little child. --- Matthew 18:3.

Rich grace, free grace, most sweetly calls,
Directly come who will,
Just as you are, for Christ receives
Poor helpless sinners still.

'Tis grace that feeds our souls;
Grace keep us inly poor;
And oh nothing else but grace
May rule for ever more!