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Workers Misjudged

By B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Workers, Misjudgment Of.

TITLE: Workers Misjudged

The spiritual condition of a community can alter when there has been no change in the heart of Gods messenger and ambassador. For instance, every Christian worker, preacher or evangelist knows how easy it is to secure a revival in a place where there has never been one. Wonderful are the results of that meeting, but what of the second? The pulpit victor goes away and returns in a year, and it is as though he was bombarding a Gibraltar. He is the same man a spiritual Samson but things have taken place in his absence, an opposition developed, and a mental and moral condition reached which made Christ Himself turn from certain localities because He could there do no mighty work.

Conditions change. We once held a meeting in a large city, and in a Methodist church where holiness as an instantaneous work had never been preached. We had from seventy-five to one hundred at the altar at almost every call, the power came down, and lions were being slain and quartered every day.

From that meeting we went directly to another large city to a church where they had had every kind of evangelist, and every kind of revival. We looked around for a lion. We waited to kill one. We had come prepared. But behold, there was before us nothing but bleating sheep. So we hid the jaw-bone with which we had expected to kill a thousand Philistines, and a jungle of lions thrown in, and taking some good gospel meal, moistened it with the Water of life, and crying out, quietly fed the sheep.

Cheer up, my brother. Don't listen to the croakers who never killed anything larger than a mosquito in the religious life in all their days. They would have you make brick, and at the same time furnish both mud and straw. They would have you kill the lion before it was born, or God had allowed it to come down the road to meet you. When it does come, I believe you will rend it as one would a kid, and have nothing in your hands. As for the skin, you can send it as a kind of rug to the person to sit and think upon, who said you had lost your power.

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