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The Gospel-24/7
Where's Them Boys?
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Works, United With Faith.

TITLE: Where's Them Boys?

One afternoon, while walking from the camp ground into town, two lads of twelve or thirteen years of age passed me in a rush and disappeared over a swell in the road. A minute afterward a much smaller boy came running around a street corner with great blubbering and lamentation, and looking up the street as he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, cried, "Where's them boys?"

In reply I motioned with my hand up the road. Immediately the little fellow, breaking into fresh out-cries, started in pursuit. As I stopped a moment and viewed the vanishing scene, I said, There is the human side of salvation in a nutshell, so to speak; and as for an illustration of the necessary compound and beautiful agreement of repentance, faith and works, it could not be surpassed. As for the lads pungent grief, there could be no doubt in his broken voice and streaming tears; as for the faith, the way the youngster took up the road and looked up the thoroughfare it was evident that he fully believed he would overtake those from whom he had been separated, and whose companionship he longed for; as for works, that feature was unmistakable in the manner in which the boys feet struck the ground. It was a movement both rapid and continuous. The case was clear that, while the little chap fully trusted in obtaining the desire of his heart, he nevertheless felt it was imperative to do the very best he could under the circumstances and he did so.

Twenty minutes later, in returning from town and extending my walk up the highway, I came upon the three boys. They were together at last. The little fellow had overtaken the other two, and when I saw him he was perched on the back of his brother and looked perfectly radiant, while he pointed his fingers at something he saw in the fields beyond and jabbered away in the greatest glee. He looked like he had been at the altar and received a blessing. In fact, his appearance indicated that he had obtained what he had come after, and was now clear through. I quietly framed the whole picture, hung it up on the walls of memory and named it Repentance, Faith and Works, or the Price of the Goods.

Living Illustrations By B. Carradine.

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