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B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Joy, Its Infectious Influence.

TITLE: Unconcealable Joy

A man got on the (trolley) cars very much amused about something. His face was fairly covered with smiles of the deepest order. As he came aboard he tried his best to straighten his countenance, but the facial lineaments would not be regulated. The hand was applied in a rubbing and smoothing out movement all in vain.

One set of mirthful wrinkles would only disappear to give way to another. The party did his best to look grave as he encountered the cold, speculative eyes and icy demeanor of the passengers. He pulled his beard and attempted a severe and thoughtful expression, but the failure was complete and absolute. He next sank back in his seat, turned up his coat collar, and pulled his hat down over his eyes, but even then we could see his shoulders shaking and felt that the smiles had arisen to the hat bands.

Evidently it was a good thing he had; there could be no question of that, and now to the point and conclusion of the matter; in less than five minutes everybody in the car was in a smile or broad grin. The mans spirit had permeated and metamorphosed the crowd. He had conquered without a word.

Of course I had to make an application, and said: O, that we all had an experience so bright and glad and overflowing that everybody could see it before we had a chance to tell them, that people would be made to hunger, thirst and fairly pine for the blessing just from what they would behold in us.

To do that, however, we must have a smile that ascends to the hat bands, and a joy that no cold critical audience can dampen, much less take away.

We have seen a few of the hat-band order; and a remarkable thing about them was that they had not gone into sidetracks. Their joy sprung from a clean heart and a constantly indwelling Christ. They would not allow themselves to be switched off on solitary features of the gospel, or on visions, or third experiences, but stayed on the main line. Hence instead of becoming scolders, fretters, sourly orthodox, etc., they kept sweet and bubbling over with joy.

Lord, increase the smiling, level-headed tribe.

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