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"They" Say!
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Talk About You, Dealing With Such.

TITLE: They Say

A philosophical nobleman, a man of the world, had three sentences written on his castle gate. Misunderstood by his neighbors, and shunned by a large part of the community, the three lines on the door naturally bore some reference to that fact.

When he started to ride out over his estate each morning, he would first rein his horse up in front of the big portal with its prominent lettering, and read aloud:

They Say!

What Do They Say?

Let Them Say!

And then, with the last word, he would laugh, put spurs to his horse and gallop off.

It would be a pity if Christians should allow a man of the world to outdo them in the obtainment of victory over the onslaughts of men and devils. Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And lo, the answer that some would be compelled to give would be so representative of nothing, that smiles and laughter would have to come.

Somebody had talked about you! But everybody is talked about. Some one has misrepresented you! But who has escaped here. And was not the Lord Himself discussed, slandered, and accused of saying things that He never uttered?

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