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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Worry, Entirely Profitless.

TITLE: The Small Canine

We have seen certain animals of the canine genus and terrier and pug species rush forth from a sheltering verandah and bark most vociferously at everything that passed by, and which did not belong to or come out of the lot and residence where the little excited yelper lived. It was both amusing and wearying to behold this diminutive scene of needless excitement, wasted Lilliputian energy, and resultless endeavor. Everything and everybody went on up the street and road just the same as though no little barker and snarler was left behind, all hidden in a cloud of dust made by wagon wheels it could not stop, or was trotting sideways back to his rug on the porch to lie down and wait for something else at which to precipitate its tiny clamor, all unheard by the objects themselves.

Life is full of such scenes in higher planes, and few of us have not rushed out and clamored at great and misunderstood things, at bigger lives and characters than our own, found we failed to stop the procession, went back to our own little humble rug, and noticed that the only thing we had gathered for our pains was a lot of grifty dust which got into our angry eyes, and and went down our open vociferating mouth.

We have observed other animals of big form and watchful eye, stretched on the ground in a side yard, that commanded a view of both front and back gates. This quieter looking canine did not use his strength in needless barking and rushings out upon the street at things that must be and that he could not alter or prevent; but he reserved his power for real danger and genuine service, and so the family silver remained secure, and the household was kept safe and undisturbed both day and night.

This second scene also became a parable, and found higher fulfillment in the lives and achievements of many in the church of Christ today who are not up and out rushing after everything that comes down the road, but all the same their watchful eyes, steady lives and noble characters keep matters wonderfully safe and protected where they are.

Experience then teaches that it is good to move from the mat on the top step of a profitless worry, and take a position midway of the premises where the critical, important and essential are to be watched, guarded and preserved.

Living Illustrations By B. Carradine.

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