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The Sky Piercer
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Sky Piercers, Versus Sky Scrapers.

TITLE: The Sky Piercer

It verily seems that the spirit of building a tower that should reach the skies has come down from the plains of ancient Babel to the Island of Manhattan. Already it has a brigade of tenements that are over twenty floors high, and one is even thirty-four. Now another has been started that is to reach the amazing height of sixty stories.

We can but think of the Day when the Lord shall appear in the heavens, time shall be no more, and this old earth begin to stagger around in the air like a drunken man.

In the San Francisco disaster God made the ground to move about an inch back and forth for several minutes. And this one inch swing made a desolation of a great city. But at the end of the world, the Bible says the Lord will arise to shake the earth terribly! We are told that the mountains will flow down at the presence of the Lord, and the hills skip like lambs.

What chance will there be for edifices of human construction at such a time of dissolving nature as this? And what hope for the skyscrapers, as they are called, in that dreadful hour of reddened moon, blackened sun, falling stars and shaking world. For a single moment we see their lofty summits waving like treetops in the lurid air, and then all going down, together with a general and final crash.

Somehow we do not take to skyscrapers in buildings, in the pulpit, and in the character realm. We prefer the Sky Piercer! It is possible to live in a one-story, one-room house, and yet all in it belonging to God, and loving and serving him devotedly. Any one at once can see it is more than a skyscraper; and is really a Sky Piercer. The Lord of heaven lives in it: this puts even the lowest step above the clouds and stars.

As for the preacher in the pulpit, and Christian in his Life, all can take the Sky Scraper who will, but give me the Sky Piercer!

The man who scrapes the sky, simply, as the words plainly indicate, gives us the scrapings from the outside of the sky. But the hungry, needy souls of men want what is INSIDE the heavens.

So the best wish we could make for the world, the truest prayer we could utter for the ministry and the church is, that God will send quickly to us a body of people who first will go down, and then never stop praying until they go through, and finally become, in the highest, best sense of the word, Sky Piercers.

Such men with their conversation or citizenship in heaven; with their face to face life and walk with God; and with their ability to bring heavenly things down to the needy children of earth; such men are Sky Piercers, and are truly as far above the sky-scraper in the pulpit as a Norwegian pine is above a toadstool, or the palace of a king above a dirt-daubers mud abode or the nest of a mole in the ground.

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