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The Bible And The Affected
J. Wilbur Chapman
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Bible, The Only Way To Read It.

TITLE: The Bible And The Affected

Do you remember the story of the blind girl whose friends gave her a Bible with raised letters? You know she lost the acuteness of touch in the ends of the fingers, and so she could not read the book; but she would take it to another friend, that that friend might get the sweet messages that had made her heart burn. And then it was that its sweetness was revealed in a new light.

As she was carrying it over to the home of her friend, it was like giving up her best friend, and she raised it to her lips to kiss it once, and when the Bible touched her lips, she felt on her lips the words, The Gospel according to Saint Mark. I have found that when I read with the mind only, I get nothing compared with what I receive when I put my heart up against it. I can feel the throbbing of the heart of the infinite God. Have you learned it?

J. W. C. From Present Day Parables by J. Wilbur Chapman.

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