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The Bannerless Building
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Lack of Grace, Apparent, But Unnecessary.

TITLE: The Bannerless Building

One day in a walk down Pennsylvania avenue we noticed that every department building of the government had a great United States flag flying over the roof of the big structures but the Treasury building. Not a banner floated over it. Only bare poles were in sight.

This absence of the bright-hued pennon of the country might have been accounted for by the sickness of the Secretary. But seen, or rather unseen, as it was in the present time of financial depression and money lack, and bank closing and breaking, it was quite significant and suggestive to the, musing mind.

We could not keep from moralizing to the effect that when there is an inward lack and depression in the soul, the flag of testimony is not seen fluttering over the life fanned by the breezes of Heaven. Just as when Uncle Sam has seen brighter and easier days financially in the land over which he rules, and was consequently and proportionately happy, with fluttering flags and banners; so the soul instinctively hoists up pennons of gladness, real conscious fullness, and pulls them down when things inside become lean and low. When something gets the matter with the Divine Deposit in the heart; when something interferes with the spiritual currency of the soul, the flag on top of the house droops and is taken down from the pole.

How glad we ought all to be that Gods Bank never suspends or breaks. His Treasury is always full. He honors every check in the words I Promise You when it is presented at a window or door called the Mercy Seat, and the Throne of Heavenly Grace. He invites customers who are flat broke. He is delighted to have a Run on His Bank, and it is a matter of record in the Bible, and a fact of human experience all through the ages, that He never turned a single soul empty away, who came properly, as laid down in the Word of God.

Over the great center dome of the Bank is the inscription, Ask largely that your joy may be full! In lower lines is the statement, He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you can ask or think!

The idea of our spirits ever falling, with such a Bank to check on! The superlative folly of our pulling the bright flag of testimony and joyous experience down when our Heavenly Father has an inexhaustible Treasury, and declares that we who love and follow Him are heirs of God, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ!

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