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Strong Hint To The Preacher
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Backbone and Determination, Needed In The Ministry.

TITLE: Strong Hint To The Preacher

A preacher in this part of the country had recently been given what is commonly called a "pounding" by his church members.

(Ed Note: A "pounding" was a common way, in the days of my childhood and youth, for the people of a church to help their Pastor and his family with their living expenses. The people would all bring a sack or box of groceries, or other neccessary household items, to the Church as a special gift to the Pastor and family. Pastor salaries were very low, and often not met, by churches in those days, and this was an expression of love, and a way of helping them get by. End Note.)

When the people had come and gone, and the pastor with his family went in to view and classify the parcels on the dining table, they found one bundle in brown paper of a long and slender form.

On it was pinned a white paper bearing the preacher's name.

Opening the package the pastor's eyes were confronted with a most respectable-sized backbone that had been freshly dressed and purchased at the meat market.

On the inside of the wrapper were the words: "You need this".

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