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Are You Seeing World
With 20/20 Vision!
Told By Bert Mercer
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TOPIC: Vision, Real Or Imagined, True Or False View

TITLE: Are You Seing The World With 20/20 Vision?

Bert Mercer tells about the old farmer who drank his first bottle of soda pop while he was headed for the big city on a speeding train.

After he took one swig, the train roared into a dark tunnel. The old man cried out to his wife, "Don't drink that sody pop, Marthie, it'll make ye blind as a bat!"

Then there was the elderly Midwest couple who profusely apologized to the TV repairman when he arrived. With red faces they met him at the door to inform him that their TV really had no problems at all.

"We made a mistake," they explained. "We put on each other's eyeglasses."

Isn't it a strange quirk of human pride that makes each of us assume that he or she sees the world with 20/20 vision?

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