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Secret Of Bible Study
J. Wilbur Chapman
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Bible, Jesus, The Key To Understanding It.

TITLE: Secret Of Bible Study

Prof. W. G. Moorhead of Xenia Theological Seminary, told me that one day he was returning to his home from one of his journeys, and wanted to take with him some present for his children.

He decided at last that the present should be a dissected map. When he gave it to his two girls he said, Now if you can put this together you will know more of geography than if you studied a book.

They worked very patiently, but at last one of them rose to her feet, saying, I cannot put it together, and said the great Bible teacher, it was an awful jumble. They had a part of North America in South America, and other mistakes quite as serious were made.

Suddenly, however, the larger who was still on her knees, discovered that the other side of one piece of the map was a mans hand. Curiosity prompted her to turn over the other piece and there was a part of his face, and then her fingers working rapidly she turned over every piece of the man, and called to her sister saying: "Come back, there is a man on the other side, let us put the man together first, and almost instantly, said the father, the figure of the man was completed, and when the map was turned over every river and lake, every mountain and plain was in the proper place.

And this, said Dr. Moorhead, is the secret of Bible study.

Put the man, Christ Jesus, together first. Jesus in Genesis is the same as Jesus in the Revelation. The fact is there is one name that binds the book together. Learn the meaning of that name, and you have gotten hold of the power of the Bible.

J. W. C. From Present Day Parables by J. Wilbur Chapman

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