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Saved Through Katy-Dids
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Katy-Dids Called, Drew Man Who Came To Christ.

TITLE: Saved Through Katy-Dids

Quite a ripple and stir was created in my morning service by a man well advanced in years telling how be had obtained salvation. He said he had come to the meeting on purpose to be saved, but the services did not reach him.

He was put to sleep one night in a bed with a backslidden preacher. He was so miserable that he could not win slumber, and lay listening to the katy-dids that were chirping by myriads in the grove. Suddenly it seemed to him that they said, "Come to Jesus." He could not rid himself of the thought; turn as he would, the song or chirp kept ringing in his ears, "Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus."

The backslidden preacher was asleep; and so with a groan the man knelt down in the dark and did what the katy-dids told him to do, he came to Jesus and was saved.

It would be hard to describe the effect of this simple testimony on the audience. The picture of the tossing, convicted man, the sleeping, backslidden preacher at his side, and Gods having to turn from a faithless messenger and use katy-dids to get the gospel message home, made a profound impression.

I could but think of the Saviour's words where He said to the Jews, "If these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out."

God is going to get His message to the people in spite of backslidden ministers and church members, and Sanhedrin laws and resolutions. He who convicted Peter by the crowing of a cock, and rebuked one of his prophets through the voice of an ass is not straightened for means.

He will make the very stones cry out, and commission the katy-dids to chirp full salvation, while men who ought to do it are slumbering on toward the Judgment.

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