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Pointed Illustration
Of Apostasy!
William Moses Tidwell
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TOPIC: Apostasy!

TITLE: Ship Stranded On Coast By Storm.

Go Out, Old Ship, Go Out

An old gentleman states that when he was a small boy, he lived on the coast. One morning after a great storm he saw an old ship stranded. The storm had blown her in, and she was badly damaged and deserted by her crew. He said that often, when the tide would come in strongly and surround the old ship, she would almost be loosed from her moorings and go out. He stated that often he would go and stand by her and hope she would go out.

He would say, "Go out, old ship; go out with the tide." But she never did.

Finally, one morning after a severe storm he went down to look at the old ship, but the storm had blown her to pieces. Only the floating pieces of the old wreck were to be seen. She had many an opportunity, but she never went out.

How like many a backslider and sinner! The tide of the revival has risen and it seemed they would go out; but they settled back and never went out. Sinner, you had better go out while the tide is in. William Moses Tidwell, "Pointed Illustrations."

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