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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Judgment Of Others, Perilous.

TITLE: Missing The Car

The writer was standing on a corner recently in one of our large cities awaiting a street car. He was pressed for time, and needed to take the first one that passed. But suddenly he became very much interested in watching a gentleman who was trying to catch a car that was nearly a block away. The man certainly did put forth a lot of energy, but the distance was considerable, the public conveyance was about to turn a corner, and the racer struggled against the additional difficulty of having a cigar in his mouth.

We could but feel that to make a successful run he needed to lay aside every weight, the cigar which so easily beset him, and run with swiftness the race that was set before him. But he did not, and just as we feared, in spite of all our sympathetic movement of limbs, and gazing of eyes, he missed the thing he pursued.

But lo! and behold! while watching and mentally criticizing and wondering and even worrying about our unknown friend racing for his car, we missed our own! While absorbed in his case, we lost our own chance.

With a most decidedly foolish feeling as well as look, we leaned against a lamppost and got to moralizing.

We said, that is just what a lot of people are doing today. They are so taken up with fault finding and judging the characters and lives of other Christians; they are so absorbed in observing other individuals in their race for heaven and eternal life; they take up so much time in telling their brethren how they ought to make speed, and what to do as they race for the Kingdom, that they forget to run themselves. They see it is true, a number miss the Car of Salvation, but alas for it! they also miss it themselves! The man with the cigar in his mouth is in a bad fix; but the man who is absorbed in watching the struggles, weaknesses and failures of others is in as lamentable a condition. Both will miss the car!

A wrong practice will cause one to come short in making the heavenly run; but what of the buzzard eye, the jackal snout, the nature of the ghoul, and the handshake of a modern Joab who says, Good morning, brother, and then runs the unsuspecting victim through with the sword of harshest criticism, judgment, and abuse.

Between a wrong personal habit, and a tongue set on fire of hell, and dripping with malice, innuendo, misrepresentation, slander, falsehood, and hate, most of the worlds inhabitants would lose scarcely a moment in decision and choice.

To a lot of people who live most of the time on the Judgment Seat, or rather the Buzzards Roost, some most startling but excellent advice from the great Apostle might most profitably come; and that is Work out your OWN salvation with fear and trembling.

We honestly believe that if some who name the name of Christ, but who live in suspicion and, malevolence, could see how far they have drifted from the Spirit of Christ they would have need to tremble! So the moral as well as exhortation in our Kansas City street corner illustration is, that the man who gets absorbed in watching a brother miss the car of salvation, had better be careful lest by another and yet as certain a way he fails himself to reach Heaven and Eternal Life.

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