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The Gospel-24/7
A Mighty Poor Meeting
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Write-Ups For Church Publications, Candor Marvelled At.

TITLE: A Mighty Poor Meeting

In a Southern trip I met an evangelist who said that he had lately held a meeting with his son as his singer. That at its close the youth wrote an account of it to one of the religious papers published in the State. The description was very brief, being not over a half dozen lines; but it was very true and quite forcible. He said:

We had a mighty poor meeting.

There was quite a burst of laughter around the fire-side at this unadorned narration. There was something so refreshingly plain, honest, direct and simple about it; it savored so of correctness in statement, and of character in the writer, that it struck every mind and heart present as a golden sentence and one to be treasured. Then it was so remarkably original.

None of us remembered ever to have heard or read such words before. All the reports we had ever perused relative to revival meetings described the services as being Gales of Glory, Cyclones of Power, The City Stirred From Center to Circumference, Hundreds at the Altar, Hundreds Converted and Sanctified, Hundreds Turned Away from the Door Unable to Get In, The Devil Sent Howling Back to Hell, etc., etc.

But this ecclesiastical bulletin said, we had a mighty poor meeting! So we studied it;, and pored over it as a great curiosity, and felt it was every way worthy of being placed in a glass case in the National Museum, and labeled, The first and very likely the last of this remarkable species.

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