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60 Year Old Man Who
Suffered Stroke
Author Unknown
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Affliction, Brought Real Prayer, Gratitude, And Determination.

TITLE: Man Who Suffered Stroke

Here is a 68 year-old man who at 60 suffered a stroke that completely paralyzed his left side. Fortunately, it didn't affect his speech. He loves to talk.

Seventeen days afterward, after lots of prayer and determination he says, "I took my first step. The 19th day I went home, using a cane, of course. And the next morning I fixed my own breakfast. It wasn't easy, but it brought me closer to God and fully made me realize oh! so many things that God can do."

Listen to him. He says, "My affliction has been good for me. It has opened my eyes to all the beauty that God has created. It has taught me not to complain, because I see others who are in worse shape than I."

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