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The Gospel-24/7
Knocked Into The Kingdom
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Odd Events, Sometimes Clearly Used Of God.

TITLE: Knocked Into The Kingdom

A lady who has attended many of the meetings was recently telling me of a couple of odd happenings that took place at some mission services.

She said that a poor, lost sinner was standing just in front of the door while a meeting was in progress. He had never been in the hall, and had no idea of going. Through his sinful life he was empty in pocket and hungry.

As a gentleman was passing before him, he made bold to ask him please to give him some money. The words were hardly out of his mouth, when the person he had accosted drew back his fist and struck him such a violent blow on the head that he knocked the poor fellow clear through the mission door and landed him sprawling in the aisle. At once a couple of the ushers, or brethren, laid hold upon him and, seeing he needed salvation, they carried him up to the altar and dumped him down by its side.

In a few minutes he began to wail and cry to the Saviour for mercy, and shortly was clearly and powerfully converted. Truly this was being knocked into the kingdom of God, and it was a blow for which a man could be thankful for having received forevermore. The man who smote him evidently had neither silver nor gold, but such as he had, he gave freely to him, and it resulted in something far better than money.

On another occasion, when the leader of the meeting called for hands to be raised of those who wanted to come to the altar and be saved, a couple of ushers or workers made a mistake and got hold of a man who had not raised his hand. As they laid hold upon him to escort him to the altar as they often did at this mission, the man protested and told them they had hold of the wrong man. But they would not release him, and fairly dragged the resisting individual to the mourners bench, and down on his knees.

Strange to say, the deepest conviction came upon him, and in a few minutes he was crying out to God most earnestly for salvation. Before the meeting closed, he was blessedly saved, and the laugh which had been turned upon the ushers, was now directed in another way.

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