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I Saw Your Little Bird
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Taste Can Appreciate, Talent Imitate, But Only Genius Can Create.

TITLE: I Saw Your Little Bird

We once read of a painting, by a gifted artist, that was on exhibition in an Italian Hall of Art. It represented a dense woodland, with interlocked boughs and thick canopies of leaves through which a few faint beams of misty light filtered and were lost in the deep shadows.

Many admired the picture as they strolled by, saying, "Beautiful, Impressive, Wonderful," etc. The creator of the work of art was standing near one day and could not but smile as he heard some of the pronouncements of the crowd as they glanced at this, his labor of years.

Finally another artist came and looked long and silently upon the canvas. Then as he turned to go, he laid his hand gently on the shoulder of his fellow painter and said softly, and with tears in his eyes, "I saw your little bird."

The artist had placed this tiny bit of life among the dark tree trunks and shadowy branches, to intensify the loneliness of the wilderness. This crowning touch of the painting, overlooked by many, was recognized by a certain appreciative order of mind. It is said that the maker of the picture could scarcely utter a word in reply.

The point we make is that one class or grade of intellect can recognize certain literary beauties and excellencies when presented to it, but it requires a higher order of mind to create these same admirable things.

In a word, Taste can appreciate, Talent imitate, but it takes Genius to create.

Living Illustrations By B. Carradine.

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