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Home Talent
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Singers For Revival Meetings, Detraction From Home Talent.

TITLE: Home Talent

We do wish that all the preachers and communities calling us to hold meetings for them would have wisdom and faith enough to say, bring a first-class singer with you. Some of them do, but the majority write, We do not need a singer; our home talent is amply sufficient.

O that home talent! At first we were quite impressed with the expression or phrase. We saw masters and mistresses of song, Jenny Linds in disguise, all tuned up and waiting to burst forth in floods of melodious praise, that would fairly transport the audience, and be as well a profound inspiration to the evangelist.

In some cases the home talent, taking no stock in full salvation, or any other kind of redemption would present a line of frozen figures and icy faces on the Sabbath, and be seen no more until the following Sunday.

In other instances, the home talent could more properly be called the home talons, the way their discordant and out-of-tune voices tore and rent the hearing of the ear and the sensibilities of the soul. In one of our meetings, while several nasal voices were yowling like a certain domestic pet that we shall not name, a poor little kitten, evidently attracted by the sound, came in from the street and walked down the aisle in the direction of the home talent. We had a lively suspicion at the time that the kitten labored under a mistake and thought it had heard the voice of its mother.

The home talent confines itself to hymns that have been sung out of all their freshness and force for ten or twenty years. The leader, or preacher, will sweetly announce to the audience that they will sing pieces that everybody knows. Whereupon the well-worn, often-threshed melodies are rendered in connection with certain flat or falsetto accompaniments, and the effect mental, moral, physiological, psychological, neurological and craniological can well be imagined.

It stands to reason in this age of specialties, that a man who puts his all in the work of conducting the singing of a religious gathering or meeting, will do far better than a cluster of young or old folks who know little of music and nothing about revival work. Then we should never forget that the Spirit is giving new songs continually to the church, and that in addition to the power the Holy Ghost bestows to the hymn there is another force still which arises from its newness and freshness.

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