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Helen Keller Overcame
Major Handicaps
Author Unknown
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TOPIC: Affliction (And The Results)

TITLE: Helen Keller Overcame Handicaps

When you think of the late HELEN KELLER . . . deaf . . . mute . . . blind . . . are you drawn AWAY . . . from the Lord . . . or toward Him? Do you think more of Him . . . or less of Him?

Someone wrote into one of these Sunday magazine supplements that gets put in with the Sunday newspapers. It was in the section that features questions and answers. The letter said, "I've just read a reference to a BOOK by Helen Keller. This must be an error because she was deaf . . . and mute . . . and blind."

In answer, the editor replied: "No. You're correct that she was deaf, and mute. and blind. But she's not only the author of THAT book, she's the author of NINE books.

"She wrote in BRAILLE, and she also wrote slowly in LONGHAND. She graduated from Radcliffe College with honors. She appeared in vaudeville. She contributed $2 million to a foundation to help others." (So you see what God can do with a "handicapped" or "disabled" person).

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