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B. Carradine.
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Confiding In Others, Using Caution and Restraint

TITLE: Do Not Be TOO Confidential!

Some things that we have done we would not do again.

For instance, we would not show the riches of Jerusalem to every visitor that comes along. This mistake led a Jewish king into humiliation and defeat, and is as certain to bring mortification and regret to the soul who repeats the error in spiritual lines.

It does not pay to take every smooth-spoken plausible-tongued being who happens along into the treasure house of the heart and life.

Benjamin Franklin's story of the whistle, and Miss Edgeworth's narrative of the gullibility of Frank on one occasion throws considerable light on what is referred to here, while the statement made about the Saviour, that he did not commit himself to certain men, for he knew what was in man, is a perfect revelation thrown on the matter.

By this method, like the Saviour, our intimate friends would be fewer, but those we had would be truer, and we would escape many hours of needless suffering.

Again, could we go this way again, we would show the sore finger to no one but the Lord.

The unwrapping of the wound is always attended with danger, postpones recovery and actually invites inflammation, not to say mortification. Then there are so many wounded ones around who need sympathy, and it is so much nobler to endure silently than to be whining around in other peoples ears, who, if we only knew it, had burdens greater than our own.

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