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The Call Of The Pine Tree
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: TOPIC: Soul Of Man, Testified Of In Nature.

TITLE: The Call Of The Pine Tree

If a man is developing the animal in himself, growing hard, and is doubtful whether he has, a soul, let him go in the pine woods and listen to a sound that is sigh, sob, dirge and song all in one, and he will discover that he possesses something besides a body. And that this something wants something a great Some One far mightier than itself, to live in it and love it. I hate to see the pine woods go. It will remove one of the distinctive features of our Southern landscapes. Some writer has strikingly described certain Southern localities in the sentence A line and a pine.

The simple sentence brings up at once a wonderfully familiar scene. We have all beheld the far-reaching field of horizon-touching prairie with here and there the solitary palm of the Southland. The line and the pine. Taken singly each one affects us and when in conjunction there is at once felt a peculiar added force; the heart swells and the eye fills.

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