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She Finally Found All The
Answers In Her Bible
Author Unknown
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Affliction, Answers (38 Year Old From Connecticut).

TITLE: Answers Found In Her Bible

Can you hear the 38 year-old woman from Connecticut who said: "My whole life was a failure. I was struggling with a chemical imbalance all my life, and during that time I blamed God, became bitter at everything, especially with life and how it was filled with filth.

I have spent 18 years of my life in an institution looking for an answer. I've tried alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, hospitals, people, counseling, AA, church, and nothing would help.

My life had become a garbage can and I saw no way to make it different. My last attempt to help was electric-shock treatments. In fact, 94 of them. They left me a vegetable. I no longer could talk, spell, write, even recognize people. I became dead flesh. It was a long, long, battle back.

I then persisted to find God any way I could. I started to study the Bible, and very slowly I began to see all my life, all my answers awaiting me right on the night stand, the coffee table, or wherever my Bible was lying.

Any question, any answer I looked for was right in front of my face.

Suddenly, I did not have to look any further. A feeling came into my heart. I was no longer depressed, lonely, or bitter. Bad thoughts left me. Bad actions left me. In time of trouble, I gained acceptance by turning my will over to God.

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